Files for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 & 08...etc.

Download TW 08 Disc Image

On the left is a link to download a disc image (.ISO) of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.

On the right is a link to download a disc image (.ISO) of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07.

These are for back up purposes only and you will need the serial numbers for the DVD's in order to install them.   If you want to view or print the numbers just click the following:   View PDF

See [How To] section for installing!

Tiger Woods 07 Disc Image
How To
Other files you may need to run Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 or 07
  • Copy To and Move To Function for Windows Vista - 10...Download...Instructions in Docs & Misc.
  • Directx 9.0c Standalone Installer...Download...See Docs & Misc. for installation instructions
  • No DVD Mod for Tiger Woods 07 & 08 (instructions included)...Download
  • No CD Mod for Tiger Woods 06 (instructions included)...Download
  • No Intro Fix for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, 07 and 08. Download the file and then run it. Detailed instructions are included...Download
  • Graphic files for Tiger Woods 06...See TW 06 Disc Images link above for instructions...Download
  • Tw06 Extra Libraries...Needed to install custom courses.  Just run it after you download it.  You will need to install these libraries using the CLSetup 06 Tool available at Coursedownloads...Download
  • dgVoodoo2_55_2...Essential for playing TW 08 with Windows 10...Download...See How To section.
Docs & Misc.

Another Cool Golf Game!

Fairway Logo
My second most favorite PC game is the Solitaire card game.
Well, in 2007 some clever game designers combined the Solitaire
Card game with golf and came up with a cool game..
Fairway Solitaire
To look at a video I made of the opening sequence to the HERE
To download Fairway Solitaire click logo to the left.  If you like it,
Fairway Solitaire activation codes are included in the PDF file to the right.
(I have installed and played Fairway Solitaire on PC's running Windows XP to Windows 10 without a problem.)
View PDF

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