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How To Get Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 or 08 To Work On a New Windows Operating System
What is the problem that they don't work on newer Windows OS's?  Answer:  The System Requirements...see the following:
  • OS:  Windows XP
  • CPU:  800 MHz or faster...all new systems are a lot faster!
  • RAM - Hard Drive:  All new systems have a lot more than the minimum requirements
  • Video & Sound:  Directx 9.0c compatible (newer OS's have Directx 10 or highter installed)
  • Video card with 64 MB or more menory and one of these chipsets is required:  ATI Radeon 850 or greater: NVIDIA GeForce 3, GeForce 4 TI series or greater....Most systems have this covered easily!

Here is the procedure we followed to get these games to work on our Windows 10 Computer:
  1. Download and install the Standalone Directx 9.0c installer...see the [Files] section for a download link and the [Docs & Misc.] section for detailed instructions on how to get Directx 9.0c installed properly.  PLEASE NOTE:  You only have to do this ONCE!  You do not have to do it every time you install either Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, 07 or 08.
  2. Install either Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 or 08 onto your computer.  Note:  At this point, you can stop following these instructions and ask Lee from Mouse Golf to get the games running on Windows 10...go to his site by clicking HERE or you can read other methods on the Coursedownloads Forum page HERE
  3. This next step is very important in order to get Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 or 08 to run on Windows 10 (it may also have to be used for Windows 8 or 8.1...IT IS NOT NEEDED FOR WINDOWS 7).  Download the file in our [Files] section and extract the contents.  Double click the "MS" folder to open it.  Copy or move ALL OF THE FILES in this folder to your game's "bin" folder which is usually here: .\.\EA Sports\Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07 or 08\bin
  4. Because any Windows version newer than Windows Vista seems to have an issue playing the video part for the introduction on Tiger Woods PGA Tour  07  and 08, you want to modify your game to run NOINTRO next.  See this Coursedownlaods Forum LINK for detailed instructions (written for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, but works on all game versions).  This option eliminates the game's introduction totally.  If you want the introduction, download the file TW No Intro Fix.exe  in our [Files] section.  Easy to follow instructions are included.
  5. After this step you are set to run the game!  The next two steps are not necessary to run any Tiger Woods PGA Tour game.
  6. If you don't want to have to put the game DVD into your optical drive every time you play, you will need to download the No DVD Mod in our [Files] section.  Easy to follow instructions are included.
  7. To get Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 to run faster, you may need this information from the Coursedownloads Forum also:  LINK.

How To Play Tiger Woods On Line
Requrements: You will need either one of these installed:  LogMein Hamachi or Radmin VPN.
You can either set up your own network or join an already existing network for either of these V.irtural P.rivate N.etworks
See our detailed instructions in the [Docs & Misc.} section to get a game going.  That is it!

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