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Ponds 'n' Pines Golf by: Bruce Ryder    Review by:  diruby
Ponds 'n' PInes Golf

EA Sports

Released:  June 24, 2020 Par:  72
Course Type:  Fantasy (Fictional) Yardage: 7479 (Pro Tees)

First of all, I must put this out there.  I am a novice TW 08 player.  However, since I've been playing I have been impressed with Mr. Ryder's courses and gotten to know him personally.  So, I was really surprised when he asked me to review this new course and I'm a bit nervous, but will try my best and try to use his review criteria.  So, with that being said, here goes nothing!
The first  thing I noticed with this course is the realism.  Upon looking to the left on the 1st tee (I am very curious!) and past the green on the 2nd hole, I saw the little details he uses to add realism to the course.
Left of the 1st Tee
To The Left of the 1st Tee
From the 2nd Green
View From 2nd Green

In fact, the whole course is very realistic and one gets the impression it is fairly easy until you reach the 4th hole.  Here you are faced with a dangerous tee shot with very little room for error!  Your second shot to the green on this par 5 has to go over some pine trees and avoid deep rough and water.  An eagle is possible on this hole, but with the wind conditions I used to play the course (Calm) and green conditions (Dry), I decided to play it safe!  Here is the overhead view of the hole and my landing spot for the tee shot:
4th Hole
Holes 5-7 offer some challenges, but hole 8 is rated as the most difficult according to the handicaps.  Upon looking at the overhead map and the lay out, I saw why.  This hole goes around the edge of one of the nine ponds on the course and you have to avoid the pine trees, deep rough, sand and rocks.  This was a daring shot with Calm winds.  I can only imagine how it might be with winds that are stronger!  The second shot has to reach an undulating green protected by pine trees...hmmm..no wonder he named the course Ponds 'n' Pines!
8th Hole
The back nine starts off on an easy does it par 4, but after that it gets interesting!    Continued on next page....

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