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A little bit of background before I get into how I review a course:
My name is Bruce Ryder and I have been a PC golf enthusiast ever since I got hooked on PGA Championship Golf by Sierra Sports in 2000.  Not only did I play it, but I dove right into creating my own courses.  (I have since converted several of those old courses to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.)  There was a site back then called the Copyright Club and I did reviews of courses for them under this same name...The Ryder Cut.
Criteria or things I look for when reviewing a course:

One of the primary criteria I look for in a course is design.  You can ask those who I play golf with on line about it....they are getting used to me commenting about an interesting facit of a course or wondering out loud how the course designer did something.  Next thing I look for is realism...and I must insert into this dialogue my thoughts on the different classifications for courses.  I believe there should be three:  Real (courses that are based on real courses), Fictional (courses that have a fictional name, but follow the design of a real course and may actually be located in a real place on the Earth) and Fantasy (these courses do not follow the design of a real course, have extreme elevation changes, obstacles in the way...etc.  It is a shame that a Fictional course gets lumped into this category because some PC golfers will not play them for that reason).  The third criteria I look for in a course is play ability.  Other things I look for are aesthetics or "eye candy" does the panorama (if one is used) blend with the overall look of the course, textures...any out of place textures that don't fit, plantings....are the trees a reasonable height? the flowers, bushes and/or shrubs look realistic? and three dimensional objects....are they to scale?  Lastly would be the Course Life System (if used)...does it fit the overall theme of the course?

Because of the contraints of this web site reviews will be active for a month and then converted into a PDF file and will be in the Archived column.

(Reviews will be in order of when courses are uploaded as much as possible and we will only review one course per architect if more of them have been uploaded by that architect recently.  Older courses will be reviewed as we have time to do them.)

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