Featured PGA Championship Golf 2000 Courses by: Adam Brandt

Blackwood Golf Club
Fictional Woodlands

Castle Ridge
Fictional Mountain

Glen Haven
Glen Haven
Fictional Oceanside

Fictional Mountain

Grand Harbor Links
Fictional Links

H Pines
Hartwick Pines
Fictional Parkland

Real Parkland

K Prairie
Kewadin Prairie Lodge
Fictional Plains

Ocala National
Ocala National
Fictional Parkland

Sawtooth C.C.
Sawtooth Country Club
Fictional Parkland

Sleeping Bear
Sleeping Bear
Fictional Parkland

The Monument
The Monument
Fictional Parkland
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PGA Championship Golf 2000 Libraries by: Adam Brandt
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  2. FallCourse
  3. Gleneagle
  4. GleneagleBlends
  5. GlenHaven
  6. GlenHaven2
  7. GlenHaven3
  8. KatkeCousins
  9. Michigan
  10. Monument
  11. MonumentBlends
  12. Praire
  13. RossBridge
  14. RossBridge2
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