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If you want to contact us drop us an email at spice4golf@gmail.com or contact us on Skype.  Our Skype ID is:  Bruce Ryder (live:ryderbruce52_1).
We use Skype to communicate with our members via our Spice Golf Skype blog.  That blog is used to post messages about tournaments, news and is where you let us know you are playing so you can join a call (a call starts 15 minutes before tee-off).  Therefore to play in our league, you need to have a Skype account.  We use Hamachi to play Tiger Woods PGA Tour on line.  We give you the Spice Golf I.D. and password for Hamachi and give you access to the Spice Golf Skype blog when you join.

We play Monday, Wednesday and Friday (unless there is a U.S. Holiday on the golf outing day) and once a day...In the morning at 11:00 AM (EST)...which is 4:00 PM (GMT) and on occasion we'll announce that we will be available for an informal game starting at 6:30 PM (EST)...which is 11:30 PM (GMT) ...conditions vary.
Our Monday golf outing is called "Member's Monday".
Wednesday is our "Wed 'n' Wild" golf outing.
Friday is our "Five-in-the Bag" day.

You can use ANY swing type or difficulty level you want to play with us.  We only use wind speeds from Still to Breezy.  Since there are no rules on the PGA Tour that state you can not chip on the Green, we allow chipping on putts that are 20 feet or more.  We play NINE holes (front or back nine) minimum during each time slot. 
There is NO REPORTING of losses to other members in our league.  We are a TOTALLY "For fun and love of the game" league.  In fact, you do not have to set up an account to play with us.  The only requirements are that you have a Skype account, love to play Tiger Woods golf, be friendly, respect others and most of all...HAVE FUN!!!
Sound interesting?  Contact us for the Hamachi info and we'll give you access to our Spice Golf Skype blog.  That is all there is to it!...Thanks!!

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