Course Downloads for PGA Championship Golf 2000
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Real PGA 2000 Courses - S
Course  (Alt.Name in Green) Type Designer(s) Custom Libraries*
Sahalee Country Club Mtn valley Ferrin, Scott NONE USED
Salem Country ClubWoodlands RobRoy Beartooth Pass  Sammamish  Three Rivers
Sawgrass 2010, TPC at
TPC at Sawgrass 2010
Florida Dale Somerfelt Baltursol  BayHill  BH  Bullock Run  DSTour  FabsFlorida  GrandePalms  Harbourtown1  Midwest  Sawgrass Objects  Sawgrass2010  Whisperwind
Sawgrass, TPC @
TPC @ Sawgrass
Florida Chris Anderson Sawgrass  Sawgrass Objects
Scottsdale, TPC @
TPC @ Scottsdale
Desert Chris Anderson Chippewa  Desert  Scottsdale Textures
Sham and Pum Mtn valley DanO Carnoustie  Beartooth Pass  Kingston Heath  ShamNPum  Shinnecock
Shawneeki Golf Club Mtn valley Scott Doyley Beartooth Pass  Blackheath  Bullock Run  Inland Heath
Shinnecock Hills GC Parkland Polslad Bethpage1
Southern Hills 2002 Parkland Smak2000 Kingston Heath  Portmanock GC  qschool  qseries  riverhl  southernhills  southernobjects  YarraYarra
Southwind 2010, TPC at
TPC at Southwind 2010
Mtn valley Dale Somerfelt Augusta National 2001  Baltursol  Blackheath  Headgatever.2  Murfield Village  North American Woods  Ohio Trees1  Ohio Trees2  Southwind2010  Welschap
Southwind, TPC @
TPC @ Southwind
Mtn valley Smak2000 harbour  Kingston Heath  smakblend  smakblend1  smakblend2  TheKClub  tpcsouth
Spanish Bay Oceanside Kostro Chestnut Ridge  Spanish bay
Spyglass Hill 2003 Oceanside Smak2000 blackwolf  devere  Kingston Heath  Pebble Beach  spyggc
Spyglass Hill V2 Oceanside Henry Spyglass  Spyglass2
St. Andrews Old Course Links KF Baker standrw
Stonehaven Woodlands Calvin Hannah Aviemore  Stonehaven  The Legacy
Stonewall Mtn valley Calvin Hannah Aviemore  Barren Hills  Chilton Hills  Dead Trees  ForestOaks
Sugarloaf 2000, TPC @
TPC @ Sugarloaf 2000
Mtn valley Smak2000 sugarloaf  sugarsigns
Sugarloaf 2002, TPC @
TPC @ Sugarloaf 2002
Mtn valley Smak2000 Augusta National 2001  harbour  smakblend1  sugarloaf  sugarloaf2002  sugarsigns  TheKClub
Summerlin, TPC at
TPC @ Summerlin
Desert Dale Somerfelt BH  Cactus Mirage  Desert  DSTour  Summerlin

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* A custom library is defined as a library NOT included with the original courses.